Open source Vector graphics for FreeBSD


Draw lets you produce anything from a quick sketch to a complex plan, and gives you the means to communicate with graphics and diagrams. With a maximum page size of 300cm by 300cm, Draw is a an excellent package for producing technical drawings, brochures, posters and many other documents. Draw lets you manipulate graphical objects, group them, crop them, use objects in 3D and much more. (ZPL)

Linux - FreeBSD - Windows


Inkscape is a Free and open source vector graphics editor for Linux, Windows and MacOS X. It offers a rich set of features and is widely used for both artistic and technical illustrations such as cartoons, clip art, logos, typography, diagramming and flowcharting. Inkscape uses the SVG file format as its main format, which is supported by many other applications including web browsers. (GPL)

Linux - FreeBSD - Windows - MAC OS X


Karbon is a vector drawing application with an user interface that is easy to use, highly customizable and extensible. That makes Karbon a great application for users starting to explore the world of vector graphics as well as for artists wanting to create breathtaking vector art. (LGPL)

Linux - FreeBSD

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